Wzruszający romantyczny film ślubny oraz sesja plenerowa wraz z Sonią i Tomaszem

A touching romantic wedding film and an outdoor session with Sonia and Tomasz

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A touching and romantic wedding story with Sonia and Tomasz. The delicacy and closeness between them was felt from the very beginning of our meeting. Beautiful emotions in every second of that day gave us a clear signal of the style in which we will create this wedding film and how we will tell their stories.

A wonderful natural wedding session on the same day was also a time for us to capture the wonderful relationship of this amazing couple. In addition, for the first time we were at a wedding during the coronavirus pandemic with wearing masks, which was also a completely new experience for us. 🙂


wzruszający romantyczny film ślubny katowice

wzruszający romantyczny film ślubny




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