Niezwykłe industrialne wesele w Sztygarce oraz ślub w Bazylice wraz z Martą i Kubą

An unusual industrial wedding in Sztygarka and a wedding in the Basilica together with Marta and Kuba

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An unusual industrial wedding in Sztygarce in Chorzów and a wedding in the monumental Basilica in Katowice with Marta and Kuba.

Uwielbiamy pracować i tworzyć film ślubny dla para, które są jak dwie połówki jednego jabłka. Wyjątkową chemię między Martą i Kubą czuliśmy cały czas podczas tego pięknego dnia ślubu oraz wesela.
The wedding took place in the monumental magnificent Basilica of St. Ludwik Król and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Katowice in the Ligota district, which we were able to capture in addition with beautiful shots from the drone, of which we are really proud to use them in the wedding film.
Marta and Kuba chose a vintage car for the wedding, which wonderfully matched the atmosphere of the whole day, we also noticed the driver whose charisma was beaming.
The wedding took place in an industrial style mine in the Silesian Restaurant Complex Sztygarka in Chorzów in an old liquid air warehouse. Great lighting and location meant that Marta and Kuba's day gave us many opportunities to create an unconventional wedding movie. We used it to show the atmosphere of an industrial wedding, because we saw the greatest visual effects wherever we directed our cameras.




In addition, wonderful musical lighting provided przesympatyczny  DJ Mateusz Idzik.
At the wedding there were even Star Wars :D Marta surprised during the groom's cake, surprise not only Cuba, but also all guests and us nam
We hope to be back again soon! :)
What made it really spectacular was the couple and a group of close family and friends who were always nearby, their joy and love were absolutely contagious.



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