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Unusual wedding movie stories, each is different, each is important to us, each will stay with us forever.

The Great Gatsby wedding style with Justyna and Konrad | Goetz Palace

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Great Gatsby style wedding with Justyna and Konrad Goetz Palace Justyna and Konrad decided to organize their wedding in a unique way, modeled on the movie Great Gatsby. Although they currently live in the United States, they chose ... Read More

A touching romantic wedding film and an outdoor session with Sonia and Tomasz

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A touching and romantic wedding story with Sonia and Tomasz. The delicacy and closeness between them was felt from the very beginning of our meeting. Beautiful emotions in every second of that day gave us a clear signal of the style in which we will create this wedding film... Read More

An unusual industrial wedding in Sztygarka and a wedding in the Basilica together with Marta and Kuba

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An unusual industrial wedding in Sztygarka in Chorz贸w and a wedding in the monumental Basilica in Katowice. Marta and Kuba, as creative people, did not want a classic wedding film that was once made by a wedding cameraman, they were looking for our film style. We love working and making a wedding film ... Read More

Polish - German wedding of Ola and Adrian in Rezydencji Luxury Hotel

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  Ola and Adrian are a very nice and relaxed couple and wonderful parents of little Anthony. They organized their wedding in Silesia, although they live in Germany on a daily basis. The beautiful Basilica in Piekary 艢l膮skie, to which we like to come back, and a wedding in ... Read More

Melancholic story from the Polish-American wedding of Paulina and Jason.

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A melancholic story from the Polish-American wedding of Paulina and Jason. By creating a beautiful wedding movie for Paulina and Jason, we were able to move for a moment to another continent and create a unique magical story for them. Read More

A magical wedding story in Nikiszowiec with Agata and Mateusz

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Agata and Mateusz together with their beautiful daughter live in the Netherlands every day but they wanted to spend this important day in their homeland. In the magical part of Katowice or the famous Nikiszowiec. This place is not foreign to us because of family ties ... Read More

Beautiful touching wedding film of Katarzyna and Marcin | Manor House by the Pond - Wodzis艂aw 艢l膮ski

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Beautiful touching wedding film of Katarzyna and Marcin | Dworek nad Stawem - Wodzis艂aw 艢l膮ski During the pandemic, the world has changed completely for all of us, but thanks to these two our thoughts can change direction for a moment towards beautiful emotions, extraordinary ... Read More

Outdoor civil wedding in Silesia with Sylwia and 艁ukasz

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An outdoor wedding in Silesia with Sylwia and 艁ukasz Sylwia and 艁ukasz decided to have an outdoor wedding, and in its place they chose a garden with a charming gazebo next to the restaurant where the wedding party was held. White chairs, beautiful weather, perfect space for ... Read More

A beautiful wedding, wedding reception and mountain open air at the Kocierz Hotel with Adrianna and Mateusz

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聽   A beautiful wedding, wedding reception and mountain open air at the Kocierz Hotel with Adrianna and Mateusz. It is wonderful to watch you on this special day and catch the moments inaccessible to the human eye by creating a wedding film. Loose and casual atmosphere! This is what ... Read More

The wedding story of Teresa and Tomek | Manor House on the Pond

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Teresa and Tomek's wedding story We present the stories of Teresa and Tomek. The ceremony took place in a beautiful historic church. St. Urban in Twork贸w, and a wedding party in Dworek at the pond in Wodzis艂aw 艢l膮ski. We have created a wedding music video for Teresa and Tomek and ... Read More

Civil wedding at the Goldstein Palace in Katowice and the wedding of Per艂a Beskid贸w

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Gosia and Daniel are a couple of musicians, artistic souls who pursue their passions and work in different worlds ... it was a great opportunity for us to show the combination of their passion and this important day. We created a video from a civil wedding at the Goldstein Palace ... Read More

Energetic wedding video from Kasia and S艂awek

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The amazing couple, Kasia and S艂awek, provided us with an incredible amount of emotions on their wedding day .. It was funny, romantic, a lot of positive energy and ease. The dance floor was full from the first minute of the party to the very end. It was a hot August day ... Read More

Crazy story of Zuzia and Tomek, wedding in Bielsko Bia艂a in a mountain environment.

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Zuzia and Tomek! She is a volcano of energy, He is calm and easy going, but as the opposites say they attract. A strong staff of beautiful bridesmaids surrounded happy Zuzia - such friends are a treasure. It was family, funny, romantic, energetic and touching, and it all happened ... Read More

A wonderful emotional wedding in a wooden church in Lubliniec in Silesia with Maja and Jakub

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Maja and Jakub, whenever we think about them, one thing comes to mind - great love. They are so in love with each other that in every little gesture they can see their love for each other. Maja looked fantastic, still smiling, Kuba is a real lucky guy. Maja ... Read More


A wedding movie is more than that.

Wedding film is part of us, we talk about him, we analyze him, we create in our style to happily give you a beautiful film. Love, story, emotions, moments, frames, but in the wedding film, editing has always been the basis for us, from which it all began. Each wedding is a different and unique story shown in our wedding videos and videos. We love the emotional message, beautiful colors and moments,
kt贸re pozostan膮 z Wami na zawsze. Nasze prace s膮 dalekie od klasycznych film贸w 艣lubnych, jakie tworzy艂 kamerzysta 艣lubny jeszcze kilkana艣cie lat temu.


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