Tworzymy filmową artystyczną opowieść Waszej miłosnej podróży.







We focus on emotions, we will not miss a smile, a tear of emotions or an emotional look, but above all, we want to show your love. It is the emotions that accompany this important day that makes so many couples want to get back to these moments in wedding films.




Our film style is based on slow wedding. It is characterized by focusing on emotions. We are inspired by all kinds of wedding conventions, regardless of whether it is a classic style, rustic, boho or wedding in the open air, barn or farm. We believe that wedding film is something more.





Film ślubny to nasza pasja, dlatego do każdej Pary podchodzimy indywidualnie, starając się opowiedzieć Waszą wyjątkową historię. Szukacie kamerzysty ślubnego? A może filmowców marzycieli, którzy uwiecznią Wasz ślub w naturalny i emocjonalny sposób, tak jakby był to ich własny?
To świetnie trafiliście!



We've done many wedding videos. We have experience that allows us to perfectly tell your story in the form of an atmospheric film. We only film weddings, which allowed us to specialize in this field.






Music is very important to us. We choose music that inspires us and motivates us to create exceptional film wedding stories.




When creating our realizations, we constantly get to know new places and people like you! We live in Poland in Silesia, but the wedding film has no limits for us. We create wedding videos regardless of whether they are Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw or Wroclaw.



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We have membership of the WEVA association
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