Niezwykłe industrialne wesele i ślub na śląsku wraz z Martą i Kubą

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Niezwykłe industrialne wesele i ślub na śląsku wraz z Martą i Kubą. Uwielbiamy pracować i tworzyć filmy ślubne z parami, które są jak dwie połówki jednego jabłka. Wyjątkową chemię między Martą i Kubą czuliśmy cały czas podczas tego pięknego dnia … Read More

A wedding and open air in the mountains at the Hotel Kocierz together with Adrianna and Mateusz

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It is wonderful to watch you on this special day and pick up moments that are inaccessible to the human eye. A casual and relaxed atmosphere! This is what we are trying to achieve during each wedding day. We want to get you the most beautiful emotions to save special moments ... Read More

A wonderful emotional wedding in a wooden church in Lubliniec in Silesia with Maja and Jakub

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Maja and Jakub, whenever we think about them, one thing comes to mind - great love. They are so in love with each other that in every little gesture they can see their love for each other. Maja looked fantastic, still smiling, Kuba is a real lucky guy. Maja ... Read More

A romantic modern music video from the wedding in Katowice along with Karolina and Łukasz

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When creating a wedding film for Karolina and Łukasz, we had the opportunity to meet an extremely elegant, subtle and loving couple. They swore love in the monumental Church in Katowice. During the ceremony, they accompanied beautiful, small, white-clad bridesmaids and equally handsome little groomsmen. ... Read More

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